Funny and serious!

Last night I got a text message from a friend of mine. It was about news that she heard from someone else. The news was that some worker in Pepsi manufacturing unit has mixed his blood with the Pepsi and the main highlight was that that person has AIDS. So the police has said that people should avoid drinking any Pepsi product for few days.

I usually don’t forward such texts but the reason why I did this message to all my friends was that I don’t like cold drinks as I have read various studies about the harmful effects of these cold drinks. And I have seen its effects faced by one of my family member so I have all the reason of not liking it.

I wasn’t sure about the truthfulness of this news although at the end of that message the name of a news channel was also mentioned. Even then I forwarded that message so that for at least for few days people may stop using them because I wanted to save people from its harmful effects.

Some people may thing that they are called cold drinks because they are drank by cooling them first. But how I perceive it is that they are “cold blood drinkers”. These drinks specially colored drinks coldly enters our system and froze everything that comes in their way and when a thing is frozen, it fails to perform its function!.

there have been many studies that proved that extensive use of cold drinks leads to many fatal diseases.

instead of this health sucking drinks, we should drink fresh juices made at home which are very essential and beneficial for our body. fresh juices not only are tasty but are also very good for health. so drink but drink that is healthy!

eat healthy, drink healthy and stay healthy


Hello world!

hello world and all the people and living things in it…. its my very fist blog and my very first post too. i will share my thoughts, ambitions, ideas, information and my main theme is ” to let the word speak for it self”

hope that i will be able to make a slight positive difference in the world and that the world will be a better place.